Introduction to the modern firm (First part: Organization)

This wiki refers to the first part of the course "Introduction to the modern firm" taught by professor Andrea Pontiggia. Please enjoy readings, slides and web links.

GIve a look to this article, it may inspire you! (Google's effort to search new bosses)


Prof. Andrea Pontiggia

Please read and be ready to discuss the two articles attached:

(done) Two Twins? Let's compare two organizations (Pixar vs Airbus)

Some slides to point out some basic topics in organization design:

Download file "Organization Design - Introduction to Modern Firms - 2013.pdf"

(next) Read this case, and be ready to discuss it:

Download file "Case, Merck Conflict and Change (Part 1).pdf"

Download file "Case, Merck Conflict and Change (Part 2).pdf"

Some slides useful to sum up notions and examples

Download file "Lectures Basic OTD, UNIVE, 2012.pdf"

Fourth week Assignment

Please click here for information and update about your assignment.

It follows the results:

Download file "Best companies and Products by students .pdf"

There a lot of new and remarkable things happen in global competitive scenario. Please view these inspiring materials and websites.

A couple of interesting articles just to keep us thinking about organizational issues:

Download file "(Economics and Management) UNIVE, HRM, World's Best Companies 2009 - BusinessWeek.pdf"

Download file "(L) (Economics and Management) A peach of an opportunity.PDF"

Download file "(L) The Amazon Wal-Mart price war _ The New Yorker.pdf"

There is a collection of students' notes, presentations cases and articles. Some articles on various topics are available at this link. You'll find some picture of the paper plane factory (last year) at this link.

Enjoy it

A couple of articles to keep discussing about leaders and strategic sustainability:


Download file "(to upload) Research Notes - What Matters More in Growth Companies- The Leader or the Idea?.pdf"

Some more readings:

Presentations of basic notions on Organization Analysis and Design

Download file "Lectures Basic OTD, UNIVE, 2009.pdf"

Slides about Agency Theory, Motivation and Organization Design

Download file "UNIVE, Motivation and Agency Theory.pdf"

Some comments on Resources Based View of the Firm

Download file "Resource Based View - (Advanced) (copia).pdf"

Organizational Structures. Some example by students

Download file "Organizational Structures (ECO & MGT) (da caricare).pdf"

Some more slides on organization design

Download file "Organization Design.pdf"

Students' Notes 2010-2011

The following notes are taken by the students, they summerize some of the topics of the discussion we had during the lectures. Some notions are just sketched and I suggest to look carefully the textbook for precise definitions. Enjoy them!

Download file "modern firm_lecture 3.pdf"

Lectures Notes taken by the students are available (click here).

Students' Notes 2009- 2010.

These notes are written by the students, the content is under the responsability of the authors. The files are available

Students' notes - 2009 - 2010


Students' notes - 2009 - 2010